Customer Support Showcase

Welcome to our first Customer Support Showcase

Our Customer Support Showcase and newsletter will be issued quarterly and will be supplemented by the Development Team’s Product Spotlights.

As Tom mentioned in his Annual Review, we had a busy year in 2018. We sponsored and attended many IoF regional conferences; put on two focus groups; hosted a workshop for the Cathedral community and started the online training. However, we want to reach out to more clients, more regularly in 2019 and beyond.

We have seen some changes internally at Harlequin with David and Andy joining Sue in the Support Team. I am sure that many of you have now spoken with them. They are at the end of the phone (01672 541541) or available on our support email (, ready to help you with any queries. In time for each showcase, members of our support and training teams will come up with some top tips to get the most from your charity’s software.

What is in store for 2019?

The feedback from our Focus Groups has helped us to formulate our client support aims for this year, many of which are detailed below. We are working hard to create even more innovative and regular means in which to support you. Any further feedback is always welcomed through the support email.

1. What do we have to offer? From the Focus Group feedback it was apparent that many of our clients did not know the other products and services that we provide. A majority of these are now available on our website, with more to follow.

2. Reaching out! We are going to be holding four free CRM Data Workshops across the country in 2019. They are all focused on the topic of ‘Managing your Data’ and will cover Reference files, Imports, Queries, Templates and Operational Processes. We do have limited numbers for these and so will be have to restrict each client to two tickets, at least initially. Please see our list of workshops and user groups for 2019.

3. Version 5.6.7 is coming at the end of this quarter. We will have enhanced documentation to demonstrate what is included in the update. This will be provided both as a normal document and via an online video or webinar. It is essential that you work with us on these system updates; please let us know if the contact who we send these to changes. Additionally, there are sites who receive the updates but don’t then apply them. If you don’t feel that you have had an update recently, please do let us know and we can check our contact records are up to date.

4. This year we will be developing our User Guide provision. We are creating a searchable knowledge base to enable users to find the answers to system usage questions in a more accessible manner. More information to follow on this in the next newsletter.

5. Online training. We began delivering bespoke online training last year through JoinMe and are planning to increase this with standard online sessions open to all sites as a means of delivering cost-effective training. We will be continuing with all requests for bespoke online training as it has proved to be an excellent cost-effective route to up-skilling. We will also be launching Standard Online Training that any site can book onto. Look out for updates on this as Dom will be covering topics such as ‘Queries’; ‘Creating Templates’; ‘System Management’; ‘Importing Data’. Full schedules to be sent out in the Spring issue.

As ever, we are available for onsite training. Please do get in touch on 01672 541541 if you would like to discuss your training needs with a member of the team.

6. Service highlight. We would like to highlight our new ‘Enhanced Account Management‘ package aimed at supporting those charities who are not big enough to have a database manager and have to fit in the Harlequin activities on top of the ‘day job’. With this service, Harlequin can provide all the administrative duties to maintain the database. This can include applying updates; managing User Access rights and System Management settings; creating queries and providing bespoke reports during the year. If you would like to discuss this in more detail, please contact Kirsty Morgan via or call 01672 541541.

7. Top tips. These tips provide surefire ways to work more efficiently. Visit the latest tip page from our support and training teams.

Finally, we would like to say how much we appreciate and enjoy working with all of our clients. We hope that you have found this Customer Support Showcase informative and look forward to providing more client related updates as the year progresses.

Please share this with colleagues and let us know if they would like to receive the support newsletter.

The Harlequin Customer Support Team

Posted on February 14, 2019 by Tom Ellis