Forces Pension Society Case Study

Forces Pension Society Case Study

Harlequin enables more strategic ways of working at the Forces Pension Society.

Harlequin enables more strategic ways of working at the Forces Pension Society. With an ever increasing membership and an aim to attract more serving personnel, it was apparent that a flexible and robust membership management system was essential for this highly active and important organisation.

Why did you need a new database?

In 2008, due to increasing demand for our services, we made plans to be more business-like in our main activities. At a strategic level, the management team would ask for information that was hard to obtain as the old database was difficult to manipulate. Our new system is critical to the successful evaluation of the many marketing initiatives we undertake.

Why did you choose Harlequin?

Firstly, the demonstration was totally reassuring. The conversation was clear and straightforward. Secondly, we liked the fact that Harlequin is an established, smaller organisation like ours. We felt confident they would deliver. Thirdly, the software was good value and fitted the bill.

"The system is very flexible. We have increased confidence in managing our data and making strategic decisions."

How do you use the system?

For Contact management, along the top of contact records is a set of tabbed windows, adapted to our terminology. Here we store and access data. All correspondence is recorded against the contact. We can also link contacts together to have clear visibility of the relationship between members. Now, many subscriptions come via the website – particularly from serving personnel. Transferring data from the web form to the database is a swift process, mainly automated. Alerts are set against records that ensure we carry out key tasks at the right time. Linking to the membership income fields in the software, each month a file is created for our BACs run. The system automatically updates records and rolls on new dates. Using the reporting tools, we can analyse our data and present it in different formats to our management: new and lapsed members, income, types of new service personnel, registration methods…

"The Harlequin team has delivered a system that has solved our problems."

What are the biggest benefits the system has brought to your organisation?

We have more efficient, modern ways of working. We have many electronic templates and a complete communications log for members. We have faster access to strategic insights through the flexible reporting functionality. The move to the online application process, away from the paper process, has seen an influx of new members. The impact of the web link with our online form and the Harlequin database has been huge. The system holds a wealth of integrated data, which helps us respond to member queries and resolve issues more efficiently. We have more streamlined membership management.

What three words best describe Harlequin?

Adaptable, reliable, problem-solvers.