Patients’ Monies

The complete Patients Monies accounting solution for those being cared for in the NHS, private sector or within the local community.

The Harlequin Patients Monies system assists in the management of the financial affairs of patients in your care. Benefits, pensions and ad-hoc income together with all expenditure items are posted or imported to ensure current, on-demand balances are available for clients, staff, family members or guardians.


Harlequin Patients' Monies is used in a range of organisations ranging from NHS Trusts to private hospitals.

Key features include:

  • An easy to maintain patients’ register containing Personal Details, Multi Bank Accounts, History of Admissions, Discharges and Ward Movements
  • Multiple site and ward user access
  • Income and expenditure transactions entered via a batch processing suite or on-line via an integrated Cashiering module creating customized receipts, petty cash vouchers, banking and reclaim documents
  • Automatic benefit and/or regular income and deductions postings
  • Automated bank import routine for auto-matching and reconciliation of patient benefits, pensions and other income
  • Daily spend limits can be set for patients if required
  • Property register detailing all items and where they are stored, admin or ward
  • System integration and general ledger compatibility
  • Patient register allowing for client information to be stored and displayed in a joined up and efficient way
  • Comprehensive enquiry, task & communications functionality
  • Extensive reporting
  • Statements of financial activity for patients, their representatives or family members
  • Full Audit Trails

    The benefits of Harlequin

    • Full implementation service including: installation, data migration, and training carried out by our dedicated team.
    • An award winning family business based in the UK with over 35 years of experience
    • Future proofed by means of our active user group and utilization of current technologies.
    • Suitable for both multi and single site use with permissions set to meet individual user requirements.
    • The proven advantages of Harlequin’s own reporting software, security features, and integration with third party software are the reason why this system is the choice of several major NHS Trusts and Health Organisations across the UK.

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