Patients’ Monies

Used by high, medium and low secure hospitals, our patients' monies software is used by organisations which deal with patients’ finances and property whilst they are in their care.

Key benefits include:

  • With our user-friendly system you can maintain a comprehensive patient register
  • You can control several accounts for each patient and easily issue patient statements
  • A series of system management and stringent multi-user security features complete the system


Harlequin Patients' Monies is used in a range of organisations ranging from NHS Trusts to private hospitals.

With Harlequin Patients Monies’ software you can:

  • Maintain a comprehensive patient register
  • Control several accounts for each patient
  • Post all sundry items of income, expenditure and benefits
  • Automatically update regular income, expenditure and benefits
  • Issue patient statements
  • Record cheque withdrawals
  • Apportion all interest
  • Keep a full record of ward and admissions history
  • Enquire on-line and record all communications
  • Maintain a property register incorporating up to four location levels
  • Use an extensive standard reports including full audit trails
  • Mailshot to patients and next of kin

    Just some of our Patients' Monies customers:

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