Charitable Accounting

The complete Charitable Accounting solution for not-for-profit organisations.

Harlequin Charitable Accounting assists you in managing day-to-day financial transactions, producing annual accounts, fund manager statements, administering budgets and ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies.
With Harlequin Charitable Accounting, you can produce a complete set of accounts simply, whilst adhering to SORP standards and achieving higher levels of transparency.
You can use Harlequin Charitable Accounting in conjunction with or independently of Harlequin CRM, depending on your needs.

Key features include

Harlequin Charitable Accounting will be configured to meet your needs to ensure you receive the level of accounts analysis you require.

  • Easy production of annual accounts, including SOFA, balance sheets and all financial notes, compliant with SORP regulations and meeting the Charity Commission’s needs
  • Management of internal processes and daily accounting routines allowing transparency of funds and easy tracking against budgets and forecasts
  • Produce all reports at various levels, including umbrella, charity and directorate level.
  • Issue clear, concise statements to fund managers and directorate heads
  • Produce trustees’ summary reporting at directorate level
  • Choose from an abundance of practical reports
  • Record commitment and accruals, matching against actual income & expenditure
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Produce BACS files to enable online payments
  • Globally apportion investment income, bank interest and administration fees across funds
  • Enquire online, accessing current and previous years’ transaction histories
  • Run dual year processing
  • Employ full end of year roll-over/ roll-back routines

    The benefits of Harlequin

    • Full implementation service, including installation, data migration and training carried out by our staff
    • Dedicated Account Manager and support team on hand to ease you through the transition period and beyond
    • Future-proofed by means of an active user group and utilisation of current technologies
    • Streamline your processes, enhance integrations and enable even more flexibility in reporting

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