Charitable Accounting Case Study – UHCW Charity

Charitable Accounting Case Study – UHCW Charity

Harlequin Software helps UHCW Charity triple income in three years and integrate their fundraising & finance teams.

When did you decide that you needed a new charity database?

As the first ever manager for the charity, I had three key priorities for my first 100 days in post: a website, information leaflets and reliable CRM and fundraising software. Having worked with databases in previous roles, I knew the importance of keeping accurate records of contacts and communications in order to build successful donor relationships.

What are the biggest benefits?

When I started, the charity raised £360,000 per year – three years later we raise over £1,000,000. The system has definitely enabled us to grow both our supporter base and income from campaigns, as well as to increase giving levels and nurture closer relationships with our supporters. Having all our data in one place helps us on an everyday level to work smarter and adhere to best practice processes; however, the unification of information also allows us to run queries and extract reports to inform fundraising planning and help us to see what is working and what is being achieved at a more strategic level.

"Harlequin is informed and passionate about fundraising and the charity sector."

How does your team use Harlequin?

We record all donors and supporters on our system, including Gifts in Kind. Harlequin enables us to monitor general income and donations to the various hospital departments so we can provide accurate reports to the Trust. We also reconcile all income with accounts at the end of the month. We keep each other up to date with all supporter communications by recording all emails and contact. Anyone in the team can answer a query from a supporter as the records are accurate. Using the status codes on the system, we have re-engaged with supporters and send them relevant communications and make asks at appropriate levels. This has enabled us to grow income from campaigns and regular givers.

"The system has definitely enabled us to grow both our supporter base and income from campaigns."

Why did you choose Harlequin?

It was evident from my meetings with Harlequin that the team were continually reviewing and updating the system after listening to users’ views. That is really important to me as fundraising is constantly changing. I also looked at the ongoing costs of the system compared to other companies, with most charging for new upgrades to the database, whereas with Harlequin this is all part of their service with no extra fee.

To you, what five words best describe Harlequin?

Responsive, efficient, helpful, reliable and immediate.