About Us

Harlequin stands for progressive software and personable service. Our goal is to help you succeed.

We continuously evolve our software and services to meet the ever-changing needs of not-for-profits.

  • Our core products are Harlequin CRM, Harlequin Charitable Accounting and Patients’ Monies
  • These charity specific solutions fully integrate
  • Formed in 1986, we have over 300 clients
  • We are a family-run company dedicated to personable customer care
  • We are UK based and exclusively serve not-for-profit organisations
  • Active user groups ensure our software remains relevant and easy-to-use
  • We have been rated highly in the Charity CRM Survey since 2011
  • Voted the Best Database Supplier in the IoF’s Partners in Fundraising Awards
  • We are known for quality software solutions that represent good value for money

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