Six Top Tips from the Team

Our team’s latest top tips provide surefire ways to help you work more efficiently within Harlequin CRM

Andy’s Batch Tip

When you have imported financial data, don’t forget to update the batch for the transactions to be fully updated and appear on the contact records.

Dom’s Query Tip

In Queries, you can use the Pre-Defined Query’s to load specified consent options. Further query conditions can then be applied as required.

David’s Advanced Search Tip

Don’t forget the advanced search fields where you can search for Contacts via name/number, contact methods, addresses or postcode.

Kirsty’s Tabs Tip

Did you know that you can re-arrange the order that you see your Tabs by selecting View – Rearrange Tabs? The setting remains in place for every contact you open (and doesn’t change other users views). Select the tab to be moved and click Move Up or Move Down according to needs.

Sue’s Query Tip

To pull out preferred email addresses, use the following query as a basis and add any other conditions or Field lists required.

  1. Select queries from your main toolbar
  2. Allocate your ‘Conditions’ by selecting ‘+Condition’ – ‘Contacts’ then expand ‘Contacts Contact Methods’
  3. Select ‘Preferred Email Ind’ – ‘Equal to’ and enter a tick in the check box
  4. Within the same condition expand ‘Contact Methods’ and select ‘Email’
  5. Save this condition
  6. In your field list expand ‘Contacts’ and select ‘Contact Methods’ – ‘Number/Address’ along with any other fields that you may require
  7. Select generate to produce your results

Jonathan’s Import Tip

Want to get a spreadsheet of data into Harlequin easily? You may be able to import it using the Standard Import template in Excel and save hours of manual keying. If you want to know more about this or be sent the standard import, contact our support team.

Support telephone: 01672 541541
Support email:

Posted on February 11, 2019 by Tom Ellis