Harlequin rated highly in the CRM Software Survey 2022

For the twelfth year, Harlequin has rated highly in the charity CRM Software Survey. 

Fundraising Magazine and Charity Finance’s 2022 CRM Software Survey examined themes including ease of use, cost, accessibility, security, integration, technical support, investment in development and knowledge of the charity sector.

Featuring in the May 2022 edition of Fundraising Magazine, here are Harlequin’s highlights from the results table:

  • How do you rate the ability to customise your CRM software?
    Harlequin CRM scored 4.1 out of 5.
  • Would you recommend your software supplier?
    Harlequin scored 73% from the 11 respondents.
  • Harlequin scored very highly in the ‘knowledge of charity sector’ category. 
  • Harlequin scored very highly in the ‘cost comparison’ category. 

Tom Ellis, Managing Director of Harlequin comments: “Understanding the ever-evolving needs of the charity sector is central to the development of Harlequin CRM. In today’s society, where information is king, the CRM system is the crown jewel.”

“Our commitment to continuously evolving our software for the charity sector and meeting the needs of our customers is priority to us over the coming year. That coupled with our reputation for personable service is what, I believe, makes us continue to stand out.”

“Harlequin is a family-run business so we very much live and breathe charity software. Ranking highly for our knowledge of the charity sector and our technical support service is a real testament to the entire team’s hard work.”

Posted on May 9, 2022 by Sarah Heppenstall