Police Dependants’ Trust opts for Harlequin CRM

To underpin its new proactive fundraising strategy and plans for growth, the Police Dependants’ Trust has selected Harlequin CRM out of a long-list of 23 suppliers.

The Police Dependants’ Trust has existed since 1966, however, until this year, it has been a predominantly grants based charity with funds invested into trusts for its beneficiaries – police officers seriously injured or killed on duty. In 2017, the charity undertook a step change with a new proactive fundraising strategy.

Damian Chapman, Head of Communications & Fundraising, explains the rationale for this. “The Police Service has changed dramatically over the last fifty years, and yet police officers still face life and death situations on a daily basis. The rise in serious injuries, and a greater risk of suffering Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) means the need for our work is as important now as it has ever been.”

After reviewing 23 different suppliers against a detailed needs assessment, three were invited to meet the charity for final selection.

When asked why Harlequin was selected, Damian explained that the company met the Police Dependants’ Trust top five requirements.

“First and foremost, the fact that it is a local installation means that our highly sensitive data can work behind an encrypted network, essential for our data security requirements. Secondly, with Harlequin, we can ‘open the box’ and start to work on it straight away with little customisation required.

“Thirdly, with Harlequin, we can integrate with other systems such as Rapidata seamlessly. Then, of course, there is the cost factor; we have all the functionality required including the Volunteers, Events and Templates Modules, all within our budget. Finally, it was the people – we are working with real people that we trust at Harlequin, and we are confident that the support service will be there when we need it.’”

And so to the future with the Police Dependant’s Trust and Harlequin CRM, what is it looking to get out of the system?

Utilising key features of Harlequin CRM to accurately record information, log donations, and deliver a better experience for their supporters, Damian can see that the system will support the future growth of the Charity – in particular with Individual Giving, Community Fundraising, and Events.

The Police Dependants’ Trust is also looking forward to being able to effectively manage and support its network of volunteers through the volunteering module, allowing them to track applications, log and recognise activity, and ensure legal checks are managed appropriately.

“The flexibility offered from the Templates module means we can capture information unique to us – in one central location – and deliver the quality experience our supporters deserve.”


Posted on February 26, 2017 by Tom Ellis