Charity software for volunteer management

At Harlequin, we recognise that the valuable relationships you have with your volunteers need to be carefully managed so that all parties benefit to the maximum potential. Used in conjunction with our CRM and fundraising software, our Volunteer Management module will help you ensure every volunteer feels highly engaged with your cause and that their time, skills and expertise are fully utilised for mutual reward. From an initial request for information from a potential volunteer through to issuing long-service awards, this module will enable best practise in the complete management of volunteers

How Harlequin will manage information relating to volunteers

  • Full contact details are recorded, as well as essential profile information
  • Documents relating to interviews and reference requests can be linked to the contact record CRB information can be stored together with Occupational Health clearance
  • Start date is captured so length-of service thank you letters can be issued to volunteers
  • Availability times are noted and can be searched, and the actual amount of time donated is recorded
  • Specific skills are recorded and can be searched to help you match your needs to their skills
  • Full communication history can be stored, including email

How Harlequin will manage the volunteering needs of your organisation

  • Locations and events requiring volunteer support can be created
  • Roles are stored together with any skill set required to fulfil the task, these roles are then linked to specific locations and events
  • All training requirements for a role are stored and renewals prompted upon Required shift patterns are stored
  • Shifts can be confirmed as worked, holiday, illness or did not attend
  • Cumulative totals of shifts worked is provided and can be broken down into roles, locations/events or roles within locations/events for analysis purposes
  • Analytical information relating to disability, ethnic groupings and nationalities is provided
  • The financial impact of each volunteer or the entire volunteer core can be calculated
  • Correspondence can be sent to the volunteer or groups of volunteers
  • Standard Reporting and Queries are available

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