Harlequin No.1 in Charity CRM Software Survey 2014

Harlequin tops Charity CRM Software Survey again

For the fourth consecutive year, Harlequin has ranked top in the annual Charity CRM Software Survey which features in the March 2014 edition of Fundraising magazine.

Commissioned by Civil Society Media, the publishers of Fundraising, Charity Finance and Governance magazines, the Charity CRM Software Survey is now in its seventh year. Key themes that were identified included software integration, regulatory compliance, the increasing prevalence of smaller suppliers and the ongoing preference of sector specific CRM software.

In the 2014 results Harlequin scored the highest in both ‘How do you rate your CRM software supplier?’ and ‘How do you rate your CRM software system?’ In a scale where 0 is low and 3 is high, Harlequin was rated 2.68 and 2.67 respectively. Notably, Harlequin ranked nearly a quarter of a point higher than the next placed CRM software system. Also significant is that 100% of mid-sized charities (£1-£10 million income) using Harlequin, said they would recommend their supplier to others.

Tom Ellis, Managing Director of Harlequin comments: “We are delighted to rank top on both these critical questions in the survey. Last year, our developers were busy enhancing functionality whilst also ensuring the system remains easy to use. Much work was undertaken on template workflows, integration and the release of an upgrade encompassing the new Gift Aid procedures.

“Ranking top in virtually every question in the survey Harlequin’s scores are generally reflective of previous years’, but areas where we scored higher than in 2013 are for ‘Functionality’, ‘Ease of use’, ‘Provision of upgrades’ and ‘Integration with other systems’. It is a real tribute to the team that their work has yielded these results.

“It is evident that many charities prefer to work with smaller, well established suppliers which pride themselves on delivering good customer service and quality CRM software that has evolved to meet the charity sector’s  specific needs.”

This latest success for Harlequin comes two months after the company was voted the ‘Best Database Supplier’ in the Institute of Fundraising’s Partners in Fundraising Awards 2014.

Read the full results of the Charity CRM Software Survey here or see the printed March edition of Fundraising magazine.

Posted on March 10, 2014 by Tom Ellis