Harlequin Development Spotlight

Key developments, team news and featured product module

Key Developments

You may have seen on your Harlequin 5.7 update that the functionality is there ready to go! To support this update, we have a full and detailed product sheet on the changes in our User Guides under ‘Update Guides’.

Our Mailchimp testing is now going through a final development phase following feedback requiring the inclusion of groups and tags. We do have a list of those clients who have shown an interest in this, but if you would like to be updated when this is ready to go, please contact us.

Our API is now reaching its final stages of testing and we are looking forward to implementing this into our 5.7 functionality by the end of the year.

From the User Group feedback, we have also started to investigate the development of queries and reports. More information will follow. Please contact the office if you would like to be part of the working group for this.

Development Team News

Unfortunately, we have said goodbye to Jonathan, who is now re-establishing himself in the contracting arena. We were very sad to see him go and wish him luck for the future. Along with the rest of the development team, Ian Jewitt continues working for us as a contractor; I am sure many of you know him already.

We are delighted to have on board Ben Szulz, who has a strong .Net development and SQL Server background. He spent a year working in a Nairobi school, run by Save The Children Fund. Now he enjoys volunteering at CAMRA beer festivals, but also sings tenor in a choral society. We are currently recruiting another developer.

Featured Product: CRM Design Module

This module can be used for any area of the charity where you need to build bespoke screens to capture information. These can be for the fundraising team and the Trusts and Foundations have been a very popular build to effectively manage and log applications, success rates and reporting requirements. Many charities have also been using the templates in order to manage their service delivery such as support lines or managing beneficiary services. Build your own a tab to be added to individual or all Contact files, Events, Campaigns or Bookings.

Key Features:

• Add any number of fields to fully customise the way data is labelled and stored.
• Field options include Dates, Times, Text, Check boxes, Numbers, Amounts (with the ability to how the total of these), Tasks, Financial Movements, Unique numbers and drop lists.
• Communications can be included to provide a secure area to store sensitive information.
• Link fields together in either Groups or Panels.
• Only those with appropriate security access can view the tab.
• Move the order of each field as required within the template.
• Fields added to the template are available within the Query function to produce reports.
• Entry list can be set up if there is expected to be multiple entries

Harlequin CRM Forums Programme 

We are launching a forums programme for Harlequin Users who want to work together in order to share ideas and best practice. This will be a great way for charities in a similar sector or people in similar roles to make the most of their Harlequin systems.  If interested, please contact Kirsty (kirsty@harlequinsoftware.co.uk) and she will send you a short questionnaire. Deadline 30 September.

Posted on July 8, 2019 by Tom Ellis