Team Highlights 2018

Here are the best bits of 2018 from some of the Harlequin team

At Harlequin, we are all inspired to help charities and hospitals get the most from our software. Every day brings its rewards! Even still, each year we like to reflect on what has been most memorable.

“For me delivering a demo to a potential new customer on the 31st floor of the Walkie Talkie Building was a real highlight. The stunning view gave me major office envy!”
Kate Ellis, Director

“My favourite thing this year was attending our southern focus group event at Newbury Racecourse. It is invigorating to talk to customers face-to-face and hear ideas for the product roadmap.”
Jonathan Nash, Head of Programming

“Running the Cathedral Workshop with Kate, where we delivered a system review and data management session, was a real highlight. I felt that those who attended got a lot of ideas of how to best manage their Harlequin CRM. With the introduction of GDPR, this was a hot topic and will continue to be so in the future. More of these are planned in 2019 so watch this space!”
Kirsty Morgan, Customer Success Manager

“Of all the events I have attended this year, a particular stand-out was presenting the awards at the IoF East Anglia conference. It’s not just shaking hands and handing over a plaque – I love reading about the recipients and understanding why they have been chosen by their peers. It is an important moment in anyone’s professional life to receive an award and it is good to play a small part in it.”
Tom Ellis, Managing Director

“My highlight is seeing the continued development of the company, team and products. I am particularly proud of the new charitable accounting system and our customer success team is a great addition to what we offer. ”
Martin Hills, Head of Operations and Product

“For me, there were two highlights. As a cricket fan, I was pretty excited we held our northern user group at Old Trafford Cricket Ground! It is always a pleasure to be with so many charities all together. The other real stand-out was travelling to Spain to run a training course.”
Dom Ellis, Sales and Training Manager

“The best thing for me was delivering our new website, which looks fresher and fitting for a progressive technology company. It showcases our customers and shares all our latest news – do take a look!”
Louise Eagle, Marketing Manager

“As a new member of staff, the highlight of my year, naturally, has been joining Harlequin! I am looking forward to collaborating and working alongside everyone.”
Andrew Daley, Application Support Analyst

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Posted on December 14, 2018 by Tom Ellis