Five Top Tips from the Team

Our team’s latest top tips to help you get the most from Harlequin CRM

Sue’s Query Tip

Use the Ellipsis (…) options in reference files to produce an output of all the reference lists including current, archived and deleted entries, along with an audit trail.

Dom’s Tribute Tip

Don’t forget the use of Tribute Funds. These can be set up in honour of someone or something. Money added into the fund by friends, relatives and companies can be linked to the contact. As money is accumulated, the ‘lead family’ or contact can be kept informed as to the current value of the fund and how close they are to reaching their agreed target figure.

David’s Data Tip

Use the contact ID numbers in query ‘Field List’ outputs to facilitate the re-importing of data against that contact.

Kate’s Consent Tip

Have you ever tried importing consent? Our latest standard import fields in the 5.7 update make things a lot easier. You can check the user guides for an updated standard import spreadsheet.

Kirsty’s Template Tip

In System Management, you are able to set up Financial Movement Templates. By selecting +Template you will see a blank Financial Movement screen which you can populate with a frequently used set of options. As many as required can be set up. By selecting Template on a new Financial Movement, you can then apply the template to the movement.


Posted on July 6, 2019 by Tom Ellis