Harlequin clients share plans for future

Plans for the Future: Client Insights Series.

Harlequin clients consider how they will use Harlequin software in the future as the system continues to underpin their growth.

Internally, we are going to use the system more widely and create tailored views to facilitate how people work. For instance, yard staff will only see the horse records and teaching staff will need easy access to the booking module for Horse Power. We would like to administer Horse Power in the system so we can all see what schools, young people and horses are involved in the programme. Setting alerts and assigning tasks will be more widely used, and we will create a suite of management reports for trustee meetings.

As many charities, we are facing declining support from some fundraising streams and so need to widen our activity and reach more people. Harlequin will be central to this, especially as we still do not use all of the features. We will use the system to manage our grant applications and we will be bolder about promoting our sponsorship and legacy schemes. We are also going to do more profile analysis, initially for major donors. Generally, we will request communication preferences, log more information regarding interests and capture contact data, especially email. This way, the datasets we extract from the system for personalised communications will be more targeted and healthy.

  • Melanie Gee, Head of Fundraising, Greatwood

Members of the finance team have undertaken Harlequin fundraising training to understand how the system benefits fundraising, and we are currently moving to the Harlequin charitable accounting system. This will ensure the fundraising and finance teams work fluidly together and further improve our operational efficiency and the service we deliver to supporters.

  • Adela Shephard, Head of the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire Charity

The software was a significant investment so we need to make the most of it. Harlequin will easily cope with the capacity we aspire to achieve in terms of the number of veterans and donors. We will keep in touch with Harlequin about our business plans and will be active members of the user group. We aim to maximise our use of the system and avoid getting stuck in routines that could limit how we operate. We also hope to use the software to best manage our 5,000 tour visitors a year and organise the annual Field of Remembrance which involves Regimental Associations booking plots. Our ‘Donor Journey Pathway’ will also be designed in template workflows.

  • Melanie Waters, Chief Executive, The Poppy Factory

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Posted on January 6, 2014 by Tom Ellis