Charity Software for Welfare Organisations

Software for welfare charities for finance, CRM, fundraising and service delivery.

Harlequin appreciates welfare charities need software to manage relationships with beneficiaries as well as donors.

Animal welfare: Harlequin works with a range of welfare charities that care for sick, retired or homeless animals. We understand that not only do welfare charities operate busy fundraising departments, they also require software to manage the ongoing welfare of the animals in their care. Our animal welfare charity clients include Greatwood, Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary, Leicester Animal Aid and Tiggywinkles.

People welfare: Welfare charities supporting people in need of specialist support and services also use our software for complete charity management. Case workers, fundraisers, development and finance professionals can all access relevant information in a central system to help ensure a sensitive and unified approach to contacts. Screen templates and workflows can be tailored to support the processes of each department to improve efficiency and consistency of service delivery and fundraising. Our clients that offer people welfare services include Emmaus Hampshire, The Benevolent, The Poppy Factory, The Stoll Foundation and Step By Step.

Welfare charities can benefit from the Harlequin User Group, which encourages our broad range of clients to share insights, ideas and best practice.

Software & Support

At Harlequin we develop integrated charity management solutions for fundraising, finance and service delivery teams.

Our core solutions are Harlequin CRM, Charitable Accounting and Patients’ Monies. When it comes to software support, we believe in personable service.

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