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Software for complete membership management.

Harlequin appreciates membership associations have complex administrative processes.

Harlequin works with an increasing number of membership associations, societies and institutions which are benefiting from our robust CRM database with membership functionality. We understand that membership associations need to grow member numbers whilst also reducing the overheads of managing complex administrative processes. Working alongside our membership clients, we have developed our software to enable you to manage your membership subscriptions, reminders, renewals and relationships.

Our membership clients include the Forces Pension Society and the Merchant Navy Association.

Membership organisations can benefit from the Harlequin User Group, which encourages our broad range of clients to share insights, ideas and best practice.

Software & Support

At Harlequin we develop integrated charity management solutions for fundraising, finance and service delivery teams.

Our core solutions are Harlequin CRM, Charitable Accounting and Patients’ Monies. When it comes to software support, we believe in personable service.

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