Software for Health Charities

Charity software for healthcare organisations for CRM, fundraising, service delivery and finance.

Harlequin understands health related charities need software to help them to effectively and sensitively promote their cause.

When providing support to people with specialist conditions, it is important that a health charity has software to sensitively manage their information, relationships and campaigns. Harlequin works with a range of specialist health charities that operate busy fundraising, marketing and service delivery departments. Our health charity clients include the Cardiomyopathy Association, Kidney Care UK, The Mulberry Centre, Pelican Cancer Centre and Yorkshire Cancer Centre.

Our health charity software will help you to raise vital funds, promote your cause to your target audience, and build relationship with beneficiaries and supporters.

Health related charities can benefit from the Harlequin User Group, which encourages our broad range of clients to share insights, ideas and best practice.

Software & Support

At Harlequin we develop integrated charity management solutions for fundraising, finance and service delivery teams.

Our core solutions are Harlequin CRM, Charitable Accounting and Patients’ Monies. When it comes to software support, we believe in personable service.

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