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Harlequin CRM across your charity

Charities need to work hard to build relationships, increase income and extend the impact they make.

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will help you to build satisfaction, loyalty and trust amongst beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers.

Harlequin Charitable Accounting is one of the leading accounting systems in the UK exclusively for the Not for Profit sector.

Designed to make your accounting processes simpler, it works as a stand-alone system or can be fully integrated with Harlequin CRM for a complete solution for your charity.

  • Over 30 years of experience in financial software development.
  • Produce annual accounts, compliant with SORP regulations and meeting Charity Commission’s needs
  • More in-depth analysis of accounts with the ability to drill down further into the accounts making auditing easier
  • Manage internal processes and daily accounting routines allowing transparency of funds and easy tracking against budgets and forecasts
  • A greater user experience with more effective navigation making life simpler for you
  • Easier communication with all stakeholders including fund managers, internal teams and trustees
  • Improved importing and exporting tools between third-party software
  • Full implementation service, including installation, data migration and training
  • Future proofed by means of an active user group and utilisation of current technologies.

Some of our clients

Harlequin develops integrated charity management solutions that encompass CRM, fundraising, finance, membership and service delivery. We work with over 300 organisations in the not-for-profit community, from a broad range of sectors.

Showcase: Our Design Module

Our easy-to-use Design module enables you to build and customise your own screens. Underpin processes and create consistent ways of working. Evidence compliant data processes and encourage best practice.

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Read our latest CRM Blog

What drives a charity to invest in new CRM software? When a new customer selects Harlequin CRM, we are always interested to hear their business drivers for investing in new charity software.

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Read our CRM implementation guide

A wide range of Harlequin clients share real life tips about selecting CRM software and advice on rolling out a new system.

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Additional modules for Harlequin CRM


Boost your event success with our module for complete event management.


Manage rosters, roles and volunteer requirements.


Easily create screens to reflect and manage your own ways of working.


Keep track of your charity sales and oversee your stock control.


Manage your room hire and participants with this easy to use module.

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We can provide you with an indication of costs to help you scope your project.

See our software in action in an online demo.

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We can provide you with an indication of costs to help you scope your project.

See our software in action in an online demo.

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Benefits of service delivery software from Harlequin

Delivering a streamlined service to your beneficiaries will help to extend your reach and raise the profile of your charity.

  • Integrate activity, communications and data in a central system
  • Set up contact records for all beneficiaries, case workers and agencies, create relevant relationships and log all communications
  • Create profiles and service plans with tasks, alerts and templates
  • Protect the integrity of records and easily cross-reference data
  • Restrict access to sensitive data to relevant personnel and enable remote access to field workers
  • Use reports in decision-making and to monitor the impact of your service delivery
  • Free up service delivery staff from laborious admin tasks
  • Build closer working relationships with your fundraising team
  • Access information for fund applications and case studies
  • Contribute to software development via our user group and share best practice with other service delivery clients

    Harlequin Patients' Monies is used in a range of organisations ranging from NHS Trusts to private hospitals.

    Key features include:

    • An easy to maintain patients’ register containing Personal Details, Multi Bank Accounts, History of Admissions, Discharges and Ward Movements
    • Multiple site and ward user access
    • Income and expenditure transactions entered via a batch processing suite or on-line via an integrated Cashiering module creating customized receipts, petty cash vouchers, banking and reclaim documents
    • Automatic benefit and/or regular income and deductions postings
    • Automated bank import routine for auto-matching and reconciliation of patient benefits, pensions and other income
    • Daily spend limits can be set for patients if required
    • Property register detailing all items and where they are stored, admin or ward
    • System integration and general ledger compatibility
    • Patient register allowing for client information to be stored and displayed in a joined up and efficient way
    • Comprehensive enquiry, task & communications functionality
    • Extensive reporting
    • Statements of financial activity for patients, their representatives or family members
    • Full Audit Trails

      Harlequin CRM comes with essential functionality built-in

      Harlequin CRM will streamline processes, unite departments and enhance the performance of your charity.

      • Contact management
      • Communication logging
      • GDPR consent tool
      • Gift Aid processing
      • Financial management
      • Individual and regular giving
      • Campaign/appeals management
      • Standard reporting library
      • Ad hoc query builder
      • Donor/beneficiary profiling
      • Promotional items management
      • Major donor and legacy management
      • Grants and foundation management
      • Grant-giving

      Harlequin in top ranks

      For the eighth year, Harlequin has scored highly across the board in the charity CRM Software Survey.

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