Charity Accounting

User-friendly charity accounting software for every type of charity

Harlequin has 25 years of experience in financial software development and has a deep understanding of charity accounting.

With input from a wide range of charity finance professionals our software has continuously evolved in response to changing regulations and the growing needs of modern charity accounts teams.

Launched originally in the hospital charities sector to coincide with the 1995 SORP, our charitable accounting software has established itself as one of that market’s leading charitable accounting systems. Now mainstream for all charities the system covers everything from opening balances through to end of year accounts. In 2011 and 2012, Harlequin ranked top in the Charity Accountancy Software survey*.

The Harlequin charitable accounting system is exceptionally user-friendly and we know it has evolved over the years to meet changing SORP requirements and the needs of increasingly busy departments.Andrew Treherne
Head of Finance
Sheffield Hospitals Charity
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Harlequin charitable accounting software enables you to:

  • Produce the annual accounts, including all financial notes, at umbrella, charity and fund levels
  • Run dual year processing
  • Record commitment and accruals, matching against actual income & expenditure
  • Print cheques, customised to site requirements
  • Issue clear, concise statements to fund managers, printed or e-mailed
  • Reconcile your bank account using point & click processing
  • Globally apportion investment income, bank interest and administration fees across funds
  • Enquire on-line accessing current and previous years’ transaction histories
  • Process Gift Aid including the production of Inland Revenue schedule
  • Produce trustees statements reporting at directorate level, printed or e-mailed
  • Choose from an abundance of practical reports produced in paper, screen, spreadsheet or graphic format
  • Employ full end of year roll-over/ roll-back routines

A series of system management and multi-user security features together with an optional report generator complete the system. Harlequin charity accounts software can be used as an independent system or integrated with Harlequin cashiering software or the Harlequin CRM and fundraising system.

*Part of Charity IT and CRM Software Survey by Civil Society Media. Full results of CRM Software Survey printed in Fundraising magazine. Full results of Accounting Software survey (now biannual) printed in Charity Finance magazine

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