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Our award winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database will empower you to build satisfaction, loyalty and trust amongst beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers.

The Harlequin CRM software can be used across your entire charity or within one department, such as the fundraising team or service delivery team. We regularly have user groups with our clients to ensure your feedback is incorporated into product development. Many charities use our CRM and fundraising software alongside our integrated charitable accounting software.

The software can be used on your own servers or on cloud-based servers enabling an agile working solution for all your team.

Our software covers the following



Contact Management

Bring all your data into a single place creating a detailed profile of your contacts. Access the information easily to run effective fundraising and volunteering activities.


Our events module is designed to cover all the essentials of organising and running your events. Manage invitations, log payments and oversee all costs associated with the event. 


Manage your rosters, roles and volunteer requirements. Manage the volunteer recruitment process including shifts and activities within various work locations. You can also coordinate volunteer placements and log hours.


Take control of all your donations, sponsorship, payment and pledges. Manage transactions through various methods including card payments and standing orders. The data can be exported into your accounting software.


Create and manage a campaign and see on our dashboard the goal target and progress. Allocate tasks to others in the team to keep the campaign on track. 



SDS & Gift Aid 

Schedule HMRC Gift Aid and SDS payments and manage individuals’ declarations. 


Keep track of your membership and renewal dates with our membership module. Frequency of membership and payments can be monitored with ease. 

Design your own

Become your very own system designer by creating screens to reflect and manage your own ways of working. Build your own tab to be added to a single file or all contact files, events, campaigns or bookings.


Whether you are selling Christmas cards or running vests, keep track of your sales and oversee your stock control. 


Log all your collection tins, buckets and promotional material and know who has them and where they are. Efficiently see where your promos are productive and create the best revenue. Income received can be recorded and logged against the specific item, linked to the record of the donor, and if required, can be ‘soft credited’ to a collector’s record.  




The bookings module is designed to manage room bookings or site activities. Book in contacts and view bookings in a variety of calendar views.

Trusts and Grants

From the application process to funds received, keep up to date with trust and grant giving bodies. Receive instant reminders of application and reporting dates.

Tribute Funds

Attribute money towards an event or celebration and allocate it into a fund. This then allows you to run reports for family members.

Donor Journey

Look after your donors and supporters by creating contact journeys through Harlequin. Highlight milestones or birthday prompts of your donors. Keep track of all donations and see who your top donors are.


Integrate your JustGiving, Facebook, Instagram and other giving platforms making it simple to track donations and maximise fundraising potential.



Service Delivery 

Streamline processes and the ability to create entry lists within your system allowing you to create history logs of helplines and case notes.


Stay compliant with GDPR by recording history of preference within the system with opt in and opt out options for all types of communications.


Log all your communications to have a full record easily accessible. It’s essential to have a trail of communications after a time lapse or dealings with different staff. 


Manage and record efficiently with all parties in a legacy donation through all aspects of the process from the bequest through to the donation arriving. 

Major Donors

Identify your major donors and create a pathway for them. Engage regularly through communications and developing relationships with them. 



Reporting Suite

Produce dynamic reports through the query tool and export them for use in Excel. Use the dashboard for an easy to glance look at campaigns and funds.

Staff Lottery

Manage the lottery participants and run the draw. Recall the lottery history for each player and communicate with the winners. 

Email Appeals

Run queries and reports enabling you to send out campaign mailouts to targeted audiences. 

Mail Merge

Create mailing lists and email templates to acknowledge your donations and send out communications directly through Harlequin or through a third party mailing software.

Easy Query

Create a report or find data simply through the new Easy Query facility. 


The benefits of Harlequin

  • Full implementation service, including installation, data migration and training carried out by our staff
  • Dedicated Account Manager and support team on hand to ease you through the transition period and beyond
  • Future-proofed by means of an active user group and utilisation of current technologies
  • Streamline your processes, enhance integrations and enable even more flexibility in reporting

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