CRM Case Study – Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

CRM Case Study – Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Maisie Barrett, Fundraising Officer - Community & Challenge Events shares how the charity has re – engineered its processes for supporter management.

How do you use Harlequin CRM?

We use Harlequin to record all supporter’s engagement information such as email, telephone, fundraising activities, volunteering etc. to give us a complete overview of our relationship with them, so that we can better understand them and build sustainable relationships for the future.

What did you want to achieve from CRM?

To segment supporters into categories that specify their different needs and requirements. To improve our knowledge & understanding of our supporters, and increase retention rates. To take data and turns it into useful, actionable insights to help increase income generation

Can you summarise the key benefits the system has brought to you?

The group and indicator functions allows us to easily segment our supporters and communicate with them in a tailored approach. The financial reporting function is very easy to use and gives great insights in a matter of minutes.

Tip: Allow enough time early in your CRM project to tidy your data ready for the import.

What are your plans for the future?

Like all in the charity sector, COVID-19 hit Bristol A.R.C. pretty hard. We are in the process of ‘spring cleaning’ our data which Harlequin is helping with. We plan to grow our online presence, improve our donor stewardship plans and appeal to a younger audience and supporters.

What is your experience of customer service at Harlequin?

Harlequin have a great response rate, they are always available and everyone on the team is really friendly. They have been very patient with us and our requirements to the CRM system.

Tip: For a website and CRM integration project, deliver the separate entities first and then deliver the integration.

What advice would you give to a charity implementing a new system?

Include all the team in the conversation and set up of CRM, so they are aware of what type of data to record, how to record it and how this will be used. Use the financial reporting function to analyse appeals etc. Share the results with both the team and your supporters. We are currently in the process of a data clean out, try and do this before your CRM project.

Why did you choose Harlequin?

With the new GDPR regulations we started looking for a new CRM system, harlequin promoted themselves well and showed a personable approach.

What words best describe Harlequin?

Availability and their response rate is very good. All the team are friendly and accommodating