Service Delivery

Integrated software for service delivery and beneficiary management

Delivering a streamlined service to your beneficiaries will help to extend your reach and raise the profile of your charity.

We are increasingly working with charities which recognise that beneficiaries and service delivery can be sensitively and securely managed on a central CRM system. By moving away from multiple charity management systems, the Harlequin CRM software can serve as a central hub, helping to manage and maximise complex relationships with reliability, integrity and ease-of-use.

You can be smarter about managing and protecting data, as well as developing relationships sensitively across teams and with beneficiaries. To underpin consistent service delivery, case workers can access relevant information and use screen template workflows for specific processes and procedures.

Read our service delivery case study

Read our service delivery case study

Benefits of service delivery software from Harlequin

  • Integrate service delivery activity, communications and data in a central system
  • Set up contact records for all beneficiaries, case workers and agencies, create relevant relationships and log all communications
  • Create beneficiaries profiles and service plans with tasks, alerts and templates
  • Protect the integrity of records, and cross-reference information more easily
  • Restrict access to sensitive data to relevant personnel
  • Enable remote access to field workers
  • Use reports in decision-making and to monitor the impact of your service delivery
  • Free up service delivery staff from laborious admin tasks
  • Build closer working relationships with your fundraising team
  • Access information for fund applications and case studies
  • Contribute to software development as part of the Harlequin User Group and share ideas and best practices with other service delivery clients

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