Four new clients choose Harlequin

Four new clients have recently invested in Harlequin CRM

Chester Cathedral, the Gurkha Museum, Headway Essex and Dartmoor National Park are Harlequin’s latest new customers.

An increasing number of cathedrals use Harlequin CRM and we are delighted that Chester Cathedral is the latest to select Harlequin. Chester Cathedral is ‘a vibrant community of worship, an ancient abbey, an archaeological treasure, a cultural hub, a centre of musical excellence and a unique blend of medieval and modern history.’

The Gurkha Museum captures the unique story of Gurkha service to the British Crown and its people for 200 years. ‘You will find a fitting tribute to the ‘bravest of the brave most generous of the generous…’ As the Gurkha motto tells’. The museum joins the growing number of heritage organisations investing in Harlequin and we are proud they selected us to serve them.

Headway Essex joins the Harlequin community as another welfare charity that we are proud to work alongside. Their mission is ‘to ensure that everyone in Essex living with an acquired brain injury can live a fulfilling life and that families and carers are better able to cope within their caring roles’.

Dartmoor National Park Authority with its ‘wild, open moorlands and deep river valley, rich history and rare wildlife’ has also chosen Harlequin CRM this spring. We are delighted to be supporting them with supporter and volunteer management.

Managing Director of Harlequin, Tom Ellis comments, “These four organisations give a clear reflection of the ever increasing range of sectors we support. Having such a broad client community makes our work incredibly interesting and rewarding, and drives our charity software and services forward. Welcome and thanks to our new customers.”

Louise Eagle

Posted on May 15, 2019 by Louise Eagle