e-Learning Foundation goes live with Harlequin

e-Learning Foundation goes live with Harlequin to manage 12,000 monthly donations for schools

The e-Learning Foundation has gone live on Harlequin’s CRM & fundraising system and is already experiencing a reduction from 20 hours to 20 seconds in the time it takes to produce its quarterly management reports. The digital inclusion for children charity handles around 12,000 monthly donations (many subject to Gift Aid) from parents on behalf of schools across the UK that are fundraising for learning technology programmes, such as computers, educational software and internet access.

On reaching a milestone of processing one million parental donations for schools, the charity found itself in a position where its former software supplier was providing inadequate support on a soon-to-be-obsolete product – so change was needed.

Valerie Thompson, CEO of the e-Learning Foundation explains: “After a risk assessment, our previous system was identified as a major problem. To future-proof the charity, we required an incredibly robust solution capable of heavy lifting the masses of data we have circulating and then crunching the information into a complex report structure.

“After researching the market, it was clear Harlequin has a proven product grounded in a long-established specialism in the charity sector. On taking up references, I was refreshed and impressed with how Harlequin clients described both the software and services they receive.”

The e-Learning Foundation will use Harlequin for donation processing with Gift Aid, as well as for fundraising, campaign and contact management. In the next phase of the project, Harlequin will work on a web portal that integrates with the core CRM system to allow parents to make online donations and schools to receive regular reports. System integration with software for online direct debits is also planned.

Valerie Thompson continues: “Harlequin has taken a can-do, innovative approach to our project, undertaking bespoke development work.  We have already experienced huge time-savings in producing our quarterly donation reports – which now take 20 seconds rather than 20 hours!

“Our CRM system underpins how we finance the charity so we need absolute certainty it will deliver. With Harlequin, I am confident I made the correct decision as my team also feel much better, reassured we have a powerful system, backed up by friendly support from nice people.”

Tom Ellis, Managing Director of Harlequin concludes:  “As a technology focused charity with a heavy workload, I am delighted that the e-Learning Foundation selected Harlequin based on the technical expertise and innovative services we deliver – especially as they are already benefiting from significant performance improvements. I am sure they will be a key voice in the ongoing evolution of our software.”

To find out more about the e-Learning Foundation, please visit their website http://www.e-learningfoundation.com/

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Posted on October 8, 2014 by Tom Ellis