CRM Case Study – Greatwood Charity

CRM Case Study – Greatwood Charity

Greatwood uses Harlequin CRM for complete charity management. Since rolling out the software in 2010, the charity’s income has increased by 66%. High profile fundraising events are managed with the system along with horse welfare.

Why did you think a charity management database would increase the efficiency of your organisation?

Prior to having a centralised system, we had quite a few data silos within the charity. Each team was working independently when in fact there was the potential to utilise our data for fundraising and work more collaboratively. We could see that a new system would help streamline the charity and bring all our information into one accessible source.

How does Harlequin benefit your organisation most?

We have excellent records for donor development. Recording our ongoing dialogue with supporters and their donation history has been transformative. We are more assertive in communicating at the right level, making the appropriate asks and understanding how supporters are linked to other people on our database. We are also much more confident at managing our Gift Aid.

"Recording our ongoing dialogue with supporters and their donation history has been transformative. We also keep meticulous records of how re-homed horses are doing and can easily create reports."

Do you have any best practice examples of how you use the system?

Using the Event Module gives everyone visibility of each campaign so nothing is overlooked and supporters feel well-looked-after. For example, our Charity Race Day at Newbury in 2016, with a lunch for 380 guests and auction, raised £137K. We set up the event in the system, assigned tasks, set up the ticket structure, created the budget, tracked income and expenditure and managed sponsor involvement. We sent out invitations to specific datasets, including those who have re-homed a horse or have previously attended . We tracked who replied and paid, names of guest and dietary issues. Finally, thank you letters to all involved were sent out, along with information on further fundraising. We also use the system for our friends and sponsors. Friends contribute at least £5 a month. A Contact is marked with the status of ‘Friend’ and added to a Group. Tasks are assigned to ensure they receive updates and a reminder for their renewal. By establishing Standing Orders in the system we are able to project income from Friend subscriptions and see when people have not paid. In a similar way, a horse or stable ‘Sponsor’ receives a personalised certificate and regular correspondence. All donations and communications are recorded against each record so we can nurture their support.

How do you manage the horses on the system?

To manage our service delivery, each horse is set up as a Contact including when they arrived, date of birth, height and how they came to us. We log details and reminders for vaccines, vet visits, teeth rasping and re-shoeing. We also add a scanned photo of each horse against their record. On re-homing, a relationship is created with the record of the re-homer so we can keep in regular contact with the new owner and encourage them to fundraise. Within the bounds of data protection, we keep meticulous records of how re-homed horses are doing; we can easily create collated reports of this information.

"Communication with clients is fantastic and Harlequin’s support team are very responsive."

How was the installation and what is your experience of ongoing support?

During the installation, no-one was put out and things went very smoothly. We had onsite training with key users, who then showed others how to navigate the system – as the software is user-friendly this was straightforward. Harlequin offer brilliant aftercare and we get through very quickly to talk to a member of the team.

To you, what three words best describe Harlequin?

Efficient, supportive and time-saving.