Team Harlequin 2017 highlights

At Harlequin, even though we are a technology company, we’ve long promised to keep customer service, friendly relationships and a specialist understanding of the charity sector at our core. And 2017 has been no different, even though we continue to grow.

We really are a friendly bunch, and beyond my immediate family who work at Harlequin (Kate and Dom), I am very proud of the team.

I asked some of Harlequin team what they liked most about 2017:

“The highlight of my year has been seeing the continued development of both the company and our products. This, coupled with our longer-term strategy, fills me with great pride and enthusiasm for the future. I will never tire of seeing how we help create a positive impact on the world through our solutions to the charity sector coupled with the sheer dedication of all our staff and partners.”
Martin, Head of Operations and Product

“My favourite thing this year (apart from joining Harlequin) was when Jan from Kidney Care UK sent me a packet of peanut biscuits!”
Jonathan, Application Support Manager

“This year, the best thing from my point of view is the internal restructure including the recruitment of an excellent new Support Manager. This has given us the basis to continue growing our customer base while still delivering the excellent customer service which Harlequin is renowned for (although no one sent me any biscuits!)”
Ian, Head of Programming

“The best thing about 2017 was having fantastic people join our team; it has been an absolute pleasure working with them.”
Gemma, Applications Support Analyst

“The best thing for me is seeing the continued organic growth of Harlequin. I am always thrilled when a web enquiry comes in that says it was a ‘Recommendation’. I enjoy working with such genuine people – with great charity software.”
Louise, Marketing and PR

“As a newbie at Harlequin, the highlight of the year has been to work with multiple clients. I have enjoyed very much communicating with them to migrate their data, as in my previous role I had no client facing experience.”
Robbie, SQL Developer

“This is like asking me which parent I love more – it is so hard to choose! I loved this year as so many people came up to me at events to say that they had heard of Harlequin and wanted to know more. That makes me immensely proud. But more importantly, the best thing is our team.”
Dom, Sales & Training Manager

“As always, the best thing is being out on site with our amazing customers and helping them to get the most from our software. To work directly with such a wide variety of charities in a year is just terrific. Seeing first-hand the work people do and witnessing their passion for their causes is very uplifting.”
Kate, Director

My personal highlight of 2017 was Harlequin being chosen for the third time by the same fundraising manager in her new role. We’ve also seen some members of staff return to the fold. We really do aim to put people first and build trusted long-term relationships. I was also delighted that the development team delivered our new Consent tool to enable clients to comply with GDPR.

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Posted on December 15, 2017 by Tom Ellis