Light Up A Life

Software to manage Light Up A Life appeals

A Light Up A Life initiative at Christmas brings so much comfort to relatives who have lost loved ones and can be a significant source of funds for your charity. However, at an already busy time of the year, you will want to ensure the administrative burden on your fundraising team is kept to a minimum.

Despatching leaflets and logging all the donations should be straightforward but limited timescales and the sheer volume of information to be recorded and transferred into the Book of Remembrance makes for a difficult and labour-intensive task. With advice from hospice and hospital fundraisers we have designed a module to alleviate much of the time-consuming elements in a Light Up A Life campaign.

Streamline the administration of Light Up A Life fundraising with Harlequin software

  • Issue all information leaflets
  • Log all individual donations recording those who are being remembered and who they are being remembered by
  • Link donors to a Light Up A Life event to facilitate communication in future years
  • Automatically create appropriate thank you correspondence referencing the remembered and remembered by to enable donors to check their own entries in the Book of Remembrance
  • Produce the Book of Remembrance
  • Compile analytical reports

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