Charity software for comprehensive grant management

We have more confidence in compiling funding bids and case studies, with quicker access to supporting information on the system.
Melanie Waters
Chief Executive
The Poppy Factory
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Successful grant applications come about as a result of extensive research, understanding the ethos behind the trust, collating supporting data and ensuring you meet all deadlines.

The grants functionality within Harlequin enables you to manage your applications with confidence. Each grant application sets off a series of complex administrative tasks which are made significantly easier by employing the specific utilities within Harlequin software.

Software that supports the entire grant application process

  • Register all appropriate charitable trusts with their associated trustees on the system to allow contact mapping and relationship building
  • Record all trust application criteria
  • Collate supporting data
  • Track all bid processes
  • Note all timing schedules and be automatically reminded of each
  • Log all communications with the trust

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