Cashiering software to manage incoming and outgoing monies.

Harlequin cashiering software enables you to create a professional front-of-house image and empowers your cashiers to work more efficiently. Cashiers benefit from swift processing tools that underpin the seamless recording of all incoming and outgoing monies. Our cashiering software is largely used by our hospital clients which employ onsite cashiers.

With Harlequin cashiering software you can:

  • Receipt all monies received
  • Print receipts tailored to your site’s requirements
  • Produce banking documents and cheque listings
  • Record all petty cash
  • Print vouchers tailored to your site’s requirements
  • Produce imprest reclaim documents
  • Enquire on-line accessing details of all receipts & vouchers issued
  • Access full audit trails
  • Harlequin Cashiering integrates with all other Harlequin financial systems or a feed can be provided into external systems
  • Receipting can be purchased independent of Petty Cash

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