What drives a charity to invest in new CRM software?

Posted on August 12th, 2017 by Louise Eagle

When a new customer selects Harlequin CRM, we are always interested to hear their business drivers for investing in new charity software

When it comes to investing in a new CRM system, some organisations cite that they want to centralise information, streamline operations, unite teams and increase income. Most say that they have outgrown their current set-up and need better technology to help underpin their strategic goals.

Here we share some of our clients’ responses to: ‘What made you start looking for a new charity CRM system?”

  • Barry Floyd, Operations Coordinator at SpecialEffect said: “The way our data and processes were setup was becoming unwieldy and I wanted to minimise the possibility for error as we continue to grow; I could see an established charity software product was the answer.”
  • Tim Moran, Operations Manager at Tiggywinkles relayed: “How we accessed information was becoming far too complicated; we could not easily see what supporters and rescuers were doing for us or tie them to the animal they had brought in. We were running eight different Access databases for casualties, adoptions, memberships, collection pots and general donors.”
  • Kerry Huntington, Head of Fundraising at CW+ comments: “We had become disenchanted with our old system as it did not meet our needs. It was important to implement more user-friendly charity CRM software to function across teams.”
  • Claire Warner, Head of Fundraising at Galloway’s said: “We were using an aging, finance based CRM system that was unsupported and rapidly becoming unfit for purpose – for example we couldn’t search historic donations and each transaction would take 10-15 minutes to process.”
  • Claire Recordon, Marketing and Development Officer at Leicester Cathedral Charitable Trust commented: “We were outgrowing our previous system and the time had come to change. We have many long-term supporters and as a result of the Appeal, have many new ones – all of whom need to be looked after sensitively and efficiently to build deep rooted relationships.
  • Amy Woolf, Chief Executive of MS-UK explains: “We had outgrown our current database and have ambitions that will see us grow even further. We decided to look for a product that would support that growth and at the same time streamline some of our processes; a solution that would continue to develop as we do. We also wanted a system that would bring all our different functions into one place to reduce duplication and therefore save time and money.”

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